Improve Environment and Health

What We Do

As many other countries today, Gambia face major challenges in the areas of environment and health. Gambia need to develop or amend methods and solutions that improve people's living conditions. One example is with the management of waste, especially plastics, that represent severe environmental and health threats to humans, livestock and marine ecosystems.

AmoCura areas of service are grouped into an ecosystem, with the objective to provide positive benefits for Gambia:

  • Recycling is a win-win opportunity for Gambia and the environment. With all the materials that is dumped every day there is a real opportunity
    to do good for people's health, the environment, spur tourism, create jobs, and more.
  • Sequeling AmoCura plans setting up a recycling center are the plans to further improve the waste management and environmental services needed in Gambia. 
  • AmoCura are in parallell to work with education and information sharing. Aim is to increase the awareness around the use of and harm that come with materials such as plastics, what the consequences are in the long term with misuse and that each and every Gambian has a personal interest and responsibility for the future.